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Meet the Physicians

Helping to avoid surgery

Pain Management Institute (PMI) has been serving patients in the DC/Maryland/Virginia for over 20 years.  We are the most experienced pain management group in the region and have been recognized as the best by Washingtonian Magazine, Checkbook Magazine, Bethesda Magazine, and others.  Our biggest compliments come from our referring physicians who send their staff and family members to our clinic for care.  Many of our patients are physicians themselves.


     We aim to preserve the personal touch that is often lost in today's medical environment while keeping our treatments advanced yet simple for patients to understand.  We emphasize patient education and believe in keeping the patient's safety and best interest in mind when recommending any treatment options.  Each patients is treated as an individual and we tailor our treatments specific to that patient's unique set of circumstances. 

Recovery Starts Here

Practical pain management by the most experienced physicians

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Why Naturopathy

Why Pain Management Institute?

We can help with


Low back and leg pain

The #1 cause of disability in the U.S., we are the regional experts in treating low back and leg pain

Neck and arm pain

Neck pain with numbness and tingling in arms and hands may be a sign of a pinched nerve and require a MRI

Stenosis / Sciatica

We help you manage your sciatica so you can avoid surgery


Joint / Arthritic pain

Degenerative joint pain caused by years of wear of tear can be debilitating but patients can remain functional with combination of medication and injection treatments

Hip / Sacroiliac joint pain

Pain from the Sacroiliac joint can present as low back and buttock pain

Chronic Pain Syndrome

Pain that persists over 6 months can result in debilitating cycle of pain and immobility leading to depression and anxiety

and many more conditions...

Our Locations

Bethesda Location

6410 Rockledge Dr. Suite 505

Bethesda, MD 20817

Washington DC Location

2112 F St NW Suite 802A

Washington DC 20037

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